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About Ranked1

We have been in the local internet marketing industry since 2003. As an SEO company, we pride ourselves on our customer’s results. The most important thing to you is getting traffic and converting that into business. We specialize in working with you to first increase your Google rankings, build your traffic, and finally customize your site to build your business!

Small Business Specialty

Small businesses need a team to help get their name out to their potential customers. We have the tools and experience necessary to  promote your website to the best possible places online.

A Modern Perspective

People no longer use traditional methods to find things. The way to discover new places to go is through the internet and more particularly, Google. We know how to help your visibility in Google searches to build your company.

Targeted On-Page SEO

On-page SEO can be difficult to understand and frustrating to get right. We have experienced SEO analysts to help make the process easier. With our techniques you can say what you want to say, and still have the search engines rank your site high.


Backlinking is one of the most important things that must be done to build a websites ranking. Quality backlinks are hard to come by, but with our tools we can get quality links quickly for your site.


Aerial Photography

Using battery powered drones/hexacopters we can film promotional and other marketing videos. Our camera records full 1080p HD, and can also take high quality still shots. Our hexacopters are the same configuration also used by many large auto-makers and wildlife media companies. We can film any time of the year in the western United States. Use the contact us section below to get pricing and other information.

Content is king, but marketing is queen,
and runs the household

Gary Vaynerchuk

Things to Know About SEO

Remember the days when you would be in need of a service or item, you could pick up your local phone book and search by category? You simply flipped through those yellow pages that listed various businesses and locations by their alphabetical category. If you needed an automotive mechanic, you opened up to the letter “A” and searched. Then you found the listings to local automotive mechanics and gave one a call. How you chose was entirely up to you. There may have been a reference from a friend. Perhaps you had called a particular business before but never took them up on their services. It was most likely that you called the one with a nice corner ad on the page you’re looking at, though.

Gone are the days of searching through the pages of phone books. Most of the big companies that once pressed them and would leave them on your doorstep no longer even distribute those books anymore. We are in the information age and people search differently. Everything is done via the internet and on their computers. They search on their personal devices and with smart phones that use search engine databases to find what they’re seeking. For any type of business, at any location around the world; all the information they need right at their fingertips and ready to dial.

SEO Benefits in Your Community

Local internet marketing is a big deal these days. Where advertisers would once pay money to place ads in the phone book, they now utilize key words on their company website that attract their target market. The reason for this is that it provides for the best in search engine optimization, or SEO. Search Engine Optimization allows those who are searching your local internet market to optimally connect with your business. It means increased exposure to clients and generates business.

How this works isn’t particularly complex to understand. Just as with the phone book, potential customers will be searching for a particular businesses that provides a service or item that they need. They will do this by using the internet and their favorite search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The internet is a big place, it is called the World Wide Web. In the phone book days, the location was often a given. You searched a phone book in the area which you needed. Sometimes that meant having several lying around. Today, people will usually include this in their search.

How Does it Work?

When the searcher types in the pertinent information of what they’re looking for in the search engine, it then immediately pulls everything with those key words and places the results in your search. Searching for “automotive mechanic” on Google rendered over 16 million hits in less than a quarter of a second. This includes everything from local businesses to online articles and discussion sites pertaining to those terms. This is what makes detailed searches so important.

The more key terms one uses, the better the results. Where local internet marketing and search engine optimization come into play is where a particular business ranks on the search page. The higher the rank on the page, there better the business is in getting noticed. In a sea of results, it’s usually the first three pages that get looked at. Those that get looked at are often clicked and in this, moves the page up in ranking as clicking is a sign of related interest. So it goes without saying that ranking is important for any business and having the right key words create greater rankings. This is the optimization part of SEO.

SEO is more than just a buzz term. It’s a critical part of marketing and should be included in every business that has an online presence. Without it, a business can loose potential customers that they didn’t know where out there. If you haven’t optimized your website to include local internet marketing, then it’s time for that change!

Fun Facts

SEO isn’t the most mainstream or easy to understand type of marketing. When used correctly however, it can be a powerful tool to help your business!


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 % of People who ignore paid ads for organic links 


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Our Other Services

If you want a more complete service than just SEO we can help with that! We provide multiple options

that you can pick and choose from to fit your needs.

Website Design

Is your website looking dated and bland? We can quickly give you a new look and easier management system.

Website Management

Turn your website over to us and we’ll do all the heavy lifting. This is a great option if you want to keep your site up to date.


Online marketing can be confusing, we have experience with different types of effective online marketing.


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Free SEO Tools

If you aren’t looking for our full service options but would still like to boost your site, these tools can help. These are basic tools and can’t be expected to do the same thing as our paid services, but they are quick ways to start going in the right direction.

Free Rank Checker – Watch your site’s Google Page Rank go up with this tool. This is one of the easiest ways to determine where your site is at as far as search engines are concerned.

Ping My Link – When you move your website, or if you are starting out fresh, you need to send your URL to different services so they know you are there. This site submits your link to hundreds of different websites which will get your site moving in the right Direction.

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